Brass Sanitary Fittings
Brass Sanitary Fittings Specification:
High Quality Chrome Plated Fittings
- Elbows
- Tees
- Reducing Hex Bushes
- Hex Nipples (equal or reducing type)
- Barrel Nipples
- Extension Pieces
- Round Reducers
- Conical and German Type Hex Nuts
- Compression Nuts for mixer and line connectors
- Pipe Clips and Saddles
High Quality Natural Finish Fittings
- Bushes
- Flanged Plugs
- Back nuts
- Male extensions
- Radiator Keys
- Air vents and Caps
- Olives
- Couplers
- Manifolds and Saddles
Brass Hose Nipples and Barbs for Rubber Hoses. Machined to perfection and avail without threads as per requirements.
- BSP (Gas), BSPT, NPT and Metric.
Finish :
- Natural Brass, Chrome or Nickel.